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This is a placeholder page for the upcoming revamp of turtleherder.com, a simple attendance tracker for co-ed or single-sex recreational sports teams.

You may be wondering, what's the difference between single-sex and co-ed where attendance is concerned, and why would we need a special web page to keep track of this anyway?

There are two issues.

So you've got two separate quotas you're trying to fill -- one for women and one for total players -- and you end up sending about 80 million emails back and forth trying to figure out who's going to be at the game. That's the problem this app will attempt to address, in as simple a fashion as possible.

Here is an example.

The home team in the example is set up so that you need seven players to play, two of whom must be female. Feel free to change anything you want, as this is a fake team for demonstration purposes only.

In the near future, you'll be able to set up and configure your own home teams. Right now, if you want me to set one up for you (it's free and takes about two seconds), email me at harrington dot richard at gmail dot com.

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